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SSL Certificates secure the connection to and from your website (https), boost SEO rankings and increase trust.
Choose an SSL Certificate by Comodo or take advantage of our free unlimited Let’s Encrypt SSL certificates!
  • Install your own

    Dedicated IP only



    Dedicated IP only. Choose this option if you have purchased a SSL certificate elsewhere.

    Our support team will be happy to help with SSL install.

  • Comodo Positive SSL

    & Dedicated IP



    256 bit encryption SSL Certificate

    SHA-2 Hash algorithm
    2048 bit certificate
    1 no sub-domains (SANs)

  • Comodo Positive WildCard SSL

    & Dedicated IP



    WildCard SSL to secure all sub domains.

    SHA-2 Hash algorithm
    2048 bit certificate
    2Sub-domains (SANs)

  • Free SSL
    by Let’s Encrypt

    secure multiple domains
    on shared IP


    A free SSL Certificate for multiple domains on shared IP. Available on all our PCI compliant hosting plans.

    SHA-2 Hash algorithm
    2048 bit certificate
    2 up to 100 domains per SSL

  • Let's Encrypt SSL Certificates
  • Comodo Site Seal

Frequently Asked Questions

How does an SSL certificate help with SEO?

Google now uses SSL as ranking signal, so sites being shown over HTTPS have an advantage over unsecure sites. For more details head over to Google:

What is Let’s Encrypt?

Let’s Encrypt offers free, secure 2048-bit SSL Certificates on the shared server IP. For more details please see

Why do I need an SSL Certificate?

SSL Certificates secure the traffic to and from your site. They are mandatory for eCommerce sites that take credit card details. For all other sites, an SSL will boost your SEO ranking and trust in your site by showing the padlock symbol in the browser bar.

Will the installation affect my website?

Standard SSLs require a Dedicated IP, which needs to propagate in the internet, this takes about 6-12 hours. Let’s Encrypt SSLs are installed on the Shared IP and do not have any downtime.

How does the SSL purchase & install work?

For standard SSLs we will assign a Dedicated IP to the site. For the SSL purchase, we will require access to the hostmaster@ email address of the domain. Once purchased, we will install the SSL for you and update you when ready for use. For Let’s Encrypt, we will enable the SSL for you (no need for IP changes or verification).

Can I install my own SSL Certificate?

If you’d like to install an SSL Certificate purchased elsewhere, please order a Dedicated IP from us. Once the IP has been assigned to your account, you can then go ahead and install your SSL via the site’s cPanel.